Render More, Faster with Avere at NAB

Render Zone: Fight for the Users

Artists pound away with short deadlines to deliver that "wow" factor on-time. These users rely on infrastructure to play through within the allotted time. And you? Well, you're in control of the game and it's on you to "fight for you the users." At NAB, we'll show you how. 

Join us in Las Vegas in the South Lower Hall, Post-Production area to explore rendering acceleration using Avere via our in-booth Hybrid File Control Center via a unique Microsoft Hololens experience. 

NABShow 2018
Las Vegas Convention Center
April 9-12, 2018
Booth #SL9027

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Illumination Mac Guff: In the Game

Top animators like Illumination Mac Guff have stepped away from slow mode to add performance where and when they need it. Whether producing the latest summer hit or leveraging archived footage for new opportunities, this French studio flips Avere caching on to support artist power runs. 

Rendering Case Study Rendering Case Study
Meet Avere at NAB

Play Through at NAB: Let's Meet

Secure your position! Let's meet at NAB. Scheduling a meeting with the Avere Media Team to learn more about returning to the grid for top performance, flexibility, and efficiency with Avere rendering solutions for Hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

Don't Miss Out on Our Render Reception

While you're at the show, make sure you join us in Booth #SL9027 on Monday April 9, 5-6 pm for drinks, snacks, games, mixed reality, and more. Learn how cloud is making waves in how top production studios are rendering more, faster.

Meet Avere and Azure in Booth #SL6716

Microsoft and Avere at NAB

In case you missed it, Avere is now part of the Microsoft family! Stop by the Microsoft booth #SL6716 to learn more about how Avere and Azure will be changing the way the media industry renders in the cloud.

Hear about how Avere is making it easier to render more, the cloud.

We'll be presenting in the Microsoft booth Monday, April 9 2:30 - 3:00 PM and Tuesday, April 10, 1:30 - 2:00

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