Adaptability: Hybrid Cloud for Seamless, Scalable Flexibility

Evolving IT for Today's Research Environment

Genomics pipelines are quickly growing in many research organizations, which means increased strain on IT resources. Too often, compute and storage availability and performance limit the amount of research organizations can perform. By building flexibility into your infrastructure, your researchers will have easier and more efficient access to the resources they need, including:

  • An IT environment adaptable to changing demands
  • Seamless integration for hybrid environments – NAS and Cloud
  • Easy scalability to support discovery-driving research

Scientific Data Explosion: Adapting IT Infrastructure so Research Can Thrive

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Supporting Institutes, Pharmaceutical Developers, and Healthcare Facilities

With the expanding amount of data being used in genomics research comes the need for larger polls of IT resources. Avere Systems is recognized as an impactful solution that helps these organization leverage the cloud today and build for the more cloud-centric environment of tomorrow.

H3_Biomedicine_Logo-1.jpg"Avere reduced latency to the cloud by more than 15X, enabling scientific applications to run at maximum performance." - Bret Martin, Principal Research Computing Architect at H3 Biomedicine


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