Cloud Rendering - Do More with Less Infrastructure

Render Your Dragons in the Cloud

Like mighty dragons flying in the clouds, studios of all sizes gain powerful render resources with cloud rendering supporting their wings. With Avere, even small studios can overcome resource limitations and support creativity without moving data or adding expensive servers. Companies like Important Looking Pirates have taken flight, moving excess rendering demand onto the cloud to empower artists, meet deadlines, and take on more projects at one time.


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Cloud Computing for Rendering

Cloud Rendering - Bursting

As visual effects become more compute-intensive, it can be difficult to expand compute infrastructure to meet those needs. On the one hand, you want lots of compute power when you need it. On the other hand, you don't want to pay for a massive infrastructure or guess and how many rental nodes you will need and when. A new technique called "cloud bursting" allows studios to use cloud compute for rendering applications without moving large amounts of data. This videos gives you all the details.

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Render more with less at NAB NYFind the Dragon at NABShow New York!

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Cloud Bursting for Dummies

Expanding your compute capabilities doesn't have to be a nightmare. By bursting to the cloud, you can utilize cloud compute resources without having to uproot your data storage onto the cloud. This ebook provides a great introduction to network-attached storage (NAS), hybrid cloud NAS and, of course, cloud bursting into cloud-based compute resources. In this special edition, you'll discover how cloud render farms can be combined with your existing on-premises NAS to take advantage of unmatched cloud scalability without overhauling your current infrastructure.

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