Backtesting in the Cloud

Why use the cloud for backtesting?

Hedge funds and investment firms rely heavily on backtesting, risk analyses, and other advanced financial modeling strategies to produce actionable results. As the use of these performance analyses grow, the demand for IT resources can overwhelm existing infrastructures during peak times. However, spending thousands, or sometimes millions of dollars on infrastructure that is used only part of the time isn't cost effective.

Backtesting in the cloud offers firms the flexibility to grow their infrastructure only when they need it. By bursting workloads to the cloud, the firms can take advantage of thousands of compute cores then spin them down when the job is finished, only paying for the hours that they need the resources. Data can stay on-premises or in the cloud and still use the same applications. The result? An affordable, competitive advantage. 

Cloud Computing for Backtesting White Paper Doing More on the Cloud

Using Technology to Drive Alpha Throughput

Hedge fund firms know that how they use technology will greatly impact their ability to remain competitive as access to data sources increases. Being able to run tests quickly will be the key to making better decisions first. In a recent webinar with HFM Technology and Avere Systems came together to discuss how cloud busting could help improve alpha throughput without large infrastructure investments.

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Backtesting Performance, Wherever Your Data Is

It's all about flexibility. You decide where you store your data — in your network-attached storage (NAS) or in the cloud. You also decide when and for how long you do your testing without committing to big capex expenditures. The savings? Time, money, and missed opportunities. By using Avere, you create a flexible architecture that puts you in control. 

Accelerate Simulations and Risk Models Cloud Bursting for Batch Operations

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