Avere's Tiered NAS Architecture

The FXT Series by Avere enables performance acceleration of existing network-attached storage (NAS) infrastructure and lowers the cost of NAS acquisition, operation and expansion.

Tiered NAS white paperSo how does it work?

In this white paper, you’ll learn how Avere solves common problems for storage managers and architects using A-3 Architecture that includes three pillars of innovation: the tiered files system, scale-out clustering, and virtualization and visibility. Together you get tiered NAS, or network-attached storage that intelligently places your data on the storage medium best suited for its current access patterns.

And the benefits? With Avere, you get:

  • Performance acceleration of your most demanding applications on your current NAS servers
  • Protection of your existing NAS infrastructure investment
  • Dramatic cost savings in both capital and operating expenses
  • Performance acceleration and file-request latency reduction (or even eliminiation) in a WAN or cloud environment
  • Simple administration using a global namespace

Learn more by downloading this comprehensive overview The Avere Architecture for Tiered NAS.